FOX Construction Group is a full service roofing professional providing top quality roofing systems in Texas. We have seasoned professionals and project managers who have a deep understanding of the latest roofing materials and can best fit the solutions needed to complete your roofing project. FOX's team of professionals are trained to install all major manufacturer's brands and can complete all roofing projects ranging from asphalt, concrete and clay tiles to sheet metal, copper and standing seam. When it comes to roofing, we believe putting on the best roof the first time is the proper way to keep a life long customer and earn new ones. Confident in our work and our teams, we offer a seven year workmanship warranty on all installs completed. In comparing our work to competitors, you will see no company goes above and beyond like FOX Construction Group - pay attention to the details. 



FOX is your number one choice when it comes to commercial roofing systems. Oftentimes commercial buildings are low-sloped or flat surfaces, typically out of vision of the property owner and therefore rarely considered for inspection or repair until a leak has been found. We recommend having a professional at FOX inspect your commercial roofing system at least twice a year to prevent any deterioration. Here we can make any recommendation for replacement, repairs or preventative maintenance. When choosing the right application for your property it is smart to consider the durability, energy efficiency and cost. Commercial applications FOX is capable of consulting and installing are:

  • Built-up Roofing Systems

  • Metal Roofing

  • Modified Bitumen (torch-down)

  • Spray-On Roofing

  • Thermoset (EPDM) Membrane

  • Thermoplastic (TPO & PVC) Membrane




When it comes to storm damage, FOX aims to help the property owner navigate through the complicated insurance claims process. 

Initially FOX will send out a dedicated Project Manager to perform a complimentary inspection. After which they will educate the property owner on the damages incurred and advise next steps. 

After the claim is filed, the Project Manager will begin working with your insurance to ensure a favorable claim. Homeowners and Commercial insurance cover both structural and collateral damage, so your dedicated Project Manager will be sure all is accounted for when filing and speaking with insurance. If the claim has already been filed, FOX will draft a supplement for additional damages or costs not accounted for on the original estimate and work to get it approved by your insurance company. FOX will always do its best represent the homeowner interests when working with insurance, making efforts to maximize payout to the property owner for their loss.




FOX Construction Group has professionals on hand capable of installing gutters on new or existing homes. We are able to match any existing color to fit homeowners requests. Professionals will advise and work to find the proper drainage system which works best for each property.  FOX   offers 5 inch or 6 inch gutters and downspouts. Various materials can be used from copper to aluminum. FOX Construction can also provide gutter maintenance each season by cleaning and patching up any leaks that may exist in your current system.  It is important to ensure clean gutters to maintain working system year round. 




Whether it be commercial or residential services needed for your new or restorative projects, FOX Construction Group will go above and beyond to meet your needs. We have an arsenal of tradesmen who work with us, building long term relationships that benefit everyone. Our professionals can assess and educate any and all property owners in detail of the necessary steps to take when making improvements to your asset. Services range from double pane windows, vinyl window bead, siding (hardy board or vinyl), interior and exterior paint, drywall, trim and repair services along with fence and decking stain. By working with various individuals and companies - large and small, we guarantee we can work with your budget and exceed expectations. Quality is something we stand behind so no one will ever be on your property who doesn't meet or exceed our standards.